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Poll daddy is a great site to create your own poll. It is a great site to express yourself throught your different polls. My poll is What is your favourite flavour of chocolate i have different tastes like plain, white dark and many more. PLEASE VOTE FOR ONE BELOW

Someone Who Has Commented On My Blog

Last week  Brenna commented on my post named My Number #1 Dad. Here is what she said

hello Liam

I like your choice of words in this post and you are very lucky for where you are going to in the next 12 months… I would love to go to Greece and watch the sunset…

  I am definately excited and i know that there will be a lot of sightseeing to do.I love Brenna’s blog it is very colourful and precise.Her very latest post is Love,Luck and Friendship. I recommended her blog to everyone you can visit her blog at http://scooperbrenna.edublogs.org/.

When is it appropriate to use photos of yourself on your blog

When do you think it is appropriate to put a photos of yourself on the Internet. Well my personal belief is that you should never ever put a photo of you or one of your friends either on the Internet. Having a photo on the Internet of you  is like telling someone where you live, how old you are and who your are. As soon as you have put your photo on the Internet if you want to take if off your to late. By then someone could have already saved it to the computer and then they will have it forever. If your photo does go on the Internetit is for millions of people to see. So if you put your photo on the Internet it is never going off.

Where I Live

    I live live in Fingal Bay Australia. Its is a small beach town by the sea. It has a great sea breeze which is nice on a hot summer day .  When you go for a bush walk you can hear the birds chirping and the the wind howling. There water is the right temperature. I love where i live because it is close to the beach and Everyone is nice. See full size imageSo next time you go on a holiday don’t forget that fingal bay i son the map.

Why You Should Come To My Blog!!!!

Wow! Awesome! This is what lily5 said when she first saw my blog. Now i am going to 5 things why you should come to my blog and say the same words. Reason 1 is that i have some of the sickest blogs out there on my blog roll. Such as Eagle 14 she has an awesome blog about herself and sponge bob. There is also Kanehe blog is awesome and he has some cool widgets on his side bar. Reason 2 is that i write some very detailed writing a posts.  Bush fire it feels like you are actually right there at that second. It is a bit of a head twister. Reason 3 is that i have some widgets that are pretty cool to play. Reason 4 is that i have a lot of post so you can be reading for hours on end. Also some of them they are really long. Reason 5 is that i have had fun making my blog and now I’m sharing my fun with the world. So that is just 5 great reason why YOU should come to my blog.

My Dad Number #1

My Dad is the best dad in the world. He is a great cook and he takes me on a lot of holidays.

My Dad is a great cook. He cooks nearly every night. Some of my favourite meals cooked by him are san choy bow, chicken soup, curry sausages and a lot more. 

My Dad takes me on a lot of holidays. My Dad is very good at his job so he makes a lot of money. So that means more holidays for me and him. He takes us on national and international holidays. In the next 12 months we will be going to  the snow, Queensland, Eygpt, Greece, Italy, Rome, America, Hawaii, Austria.

My Dad is the best dad in the world

and I love him a lot.

Bush Fire

“Hey we are there” called dad from the front of the car. Shooting Bay, it said on the sign as we drove by. When we got to our camp site me and dad were setting up the tent while mum and my sister were already on their towels soaking up the sun. After that was done we all went for a swim in the river. It was a scorching day at 29C . Then it was time for dinner we had some home made hamburgers. They were great. Then for dessert we toasted some marshmallows. Then we went to bed not knowing what was going to happen. It was during the night when we all heard the scream. I got up and unzipped the tent and it was there staring me with its red eyes. I rushed back in the tent to wake up everyone. Everyone woke up in fear not knowing why I was doing this. As they woke up we could all smell the smoke coming through the open door. As I opened my mouth to speak my sister screamed “BUSH FIRE”. I started packing my bags as fast as I could but it was too close to grab everything. So I narrowed it down to a couple of things. As I packed what I could I always kept one open to keep watch of the racing furious fire roaring its way through the other camp sites. I told everyone that we had to go now. We finally got out of the tent and headed for the car. As we hopped in the car we sore our tent and the remains of our stuff go up in flames. Dad quickly turned the key. The car was not starting up. Then we jumped out of the car and ran for our lives. Now the fire was on our feet and I was racing not to get burnt. As I stopped to catch my breath I thought to myself ‘will I die right here right now or will I live?’ I guess faith will decide.


Our Camp At Morisset

On Wednesday 12 of July kids in stage three hopped on a bus heading to Morisset. Between the two buses there was seventy-nine kids and four teachers. When we got there we were assigned to our cabins. After that we had some morning tea. Then we got to the fun stuff. First we went to low ropes. They were a fun obstacle course on the ground. Next we did canoeing. That was as well as playing some games out on the water. That night we had chicken salad and garlic bread. The food was OK. That next morning we had breakfast and went to rock climbing. That was awesome I was the best in my group. I also got to the top of green, the hardest wall. Then we had morning tea and went to the flying fox. It is ten meters high in the air and can go sixty km an hour. As I was on the flying fox going down and screaming my head off I just could not wait until we did our next activity. When everyone had their go we went and had lunch. After lunch we went to the funnest thing at the camp the GIANT SWING. It was sixteen meters in the air. We had a screaming composition but of course I did not win. Finally we did archery to finish off our day. I was so close to getting a bulls eye but I missed by a centimeter. But we also played a game. Finally for our final activity we did orienteering. We did the great gnome chase. My group won with 13 gnomes found out of 16. So it came to the end of camp no one wanted to leave. But we all piled back on to the buses. When we got to school we all went home it did not take me  long to get to sleep .Here i have left you a link to the camps site . You never know where your next camp trip will be to.  http://www.outdooredexperience.com.au/morisset/Index.php

Swimming Carnival

On Monday the 8th of February kids from stage 2 and 3 hopped on a bus  and headed for the Tomaree Aquatic Centre. When we got there the change rooms were packed with kids getting on their swimmers. The sun was scorching hot, but luckily we had a shady tent to set up our towels and relax until our race. Some of the races the kids were about to go in were freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, relay, medley and novelty events. The canteen was full of kids wondering if they should get chips, scallops, lollies or ice creams. Congratulations to all the kids who came first second or third in their race and for the kids that tried there hardest but just missed out. We had just enough time to have one last swim in the pool. The carnival was a big success we hope it will be just as good next year.